A new look at man………

The love of a Christian. Looking at others not in lust or selfish ambition. Looking to one another in purity of heart. I there is a hint of lust or impurity in the relationship that should give you a warning. The body is not meant to lust after one another. One man and one woman united. If single know that love is gentle and love is kind. Not forced but in a mutual respect for one another. Love one another yes but if it makes you fall into sin it is better to keep a distance. You were bought at a price and your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Dare to unite with any other than the one meant for you. Be equally yoked. God will bring the one that is for you to you. And your beauty will shine for who you are. Is better to have a best friend who will be there forever than a one night stand that is unfulfilling. My love to all my young Christian women. God Bless


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